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  • Can I use any Digital Picture Frame to display my NFTs?
    If you do not want to integrate with your wallet, you can use any Digital Picture Frame. But then, why buy NFTs in the first place, if you could display any .jpg on your picture frame? NANO Frames are the first and currently only Digital NFT Frame that supports Cardano wallets!
  • How can I buy a NANO Frame?
    Our Pre-sale is over but we are preparing for our next sales window! Drop us your email below, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord to stay informed!
  • Which sizes are going to be available?
    The following sizes will be available to order in the pre-sale: 10.1 inch 21.5 inch 22 inch square 23.6 inch round 32 inch 33 inch square 43 inch 4K 55 inch 4K
  • Which colors do the frames come in?
    Black White Redwood Crude wood Walnut During the Christmas Pre-Sale we might limit the color choices.
  • Why are the square and round NANO Frames more expensive compared to the other sizes?
    Our square and round screens are specifically manufactured for the NFT space, they are barely used in other industries. Therefore the price is still higher compared to the other frames sizes. With increased demand, we will be able to reduce the price and offer you greater discounts. You can however perfectly display your square NFT on a rectangular frame as well and use multiple display modes (Fill, Contain, Fit, etc.)
  • Which wallets do the NANO frames integrate with?
    Due to some great software architecture magic, you will be able to connect any Cardano wallet (Nami, CCVault, Yoroi, Adalite, Daedalus, …) to the frame. Of course exchange wallets are not possible to integrate with, displaying NFTs is not a feature compatible with their infrastructures.
  • Do I have to connect the frame to the internet?
    Yes, you will be able to connect the NANO frame conveniently to your local WiFi using our iOS/Android app.
  • Is the NANO frame a touch screen?
    Touch screen functionality will be possible with later-stage models. After the Christmas Pre-Sale orders have been delivered, we will gradually improve functionality and features.
  • What blockchains are compatible?
    All the team members are passionate about the Cardano space, this is why the initial version will only be compatible with the Cardano blockchain. In the future we will however be connecting with other blockchains as well.
  • Does the frame come with a mount?
    Yes, you will receive a wall mount with your NANO frame. You can additionally order a rotating wall mount to keep the orientation of your frame flexible. The 10.1 inch frame comes with a tabletop stand.
  • Are my NFTs safe when they are displayed on the frame?
    Your NFTs are completely safe using the NANO frames. They will always stay in your personal wallet! Nano doesn’t have access to your NFTs in a manner that could harm your assets.
  • Can I view all my NFTs?
    Yes, NANO frames can display all the media formats currently used in NFTs (Pictures, Video, Audio). You can select to only display one or multiple NFTs and let NANO shuffle through them.
  • Can I only view one wallet at a time?
    Yes, at the moment you are able to connect to one wallet at a time. Connecting to a new wallet or switching between wallets is super easy!
  • What's the resolution of the displays?
    Please check out the Technical Specifications on our website for all the technical information of NANO Frames.
  • Can I pay with ADA?
    Actually, we love the Cardano community so much that we decided to offer payment exclusively in ADA.
  • Will there be any other models available in the future?
    We will be putting a lot of work in further advancing our hardware and software. So there definitely will be different kinds of models in the future.
  • What is NANO’s long term vision?
    NANO is focused on bringing value to the frame owners by empowering the creators. We believe in giving the creators all the space & tools they need to utilize our hard- and software. This will in turn enable them to create unique user experiences and opportunities for their holders. Next to creating value in terms of the NFT experience we believe in building tools for the end user that allows them to utilize their NFTs in ways that will benefit them. We want to give everyone of you a WINDOW TO THE METAVERSE and will always be a community-driven company. We want to build products that you love, so tell us what you like!
  • Can I view a square NFT on a landscape frame?
    Yes you can, the NANO app enables you to configure the way your NFTs are displayed on your frame.
  • How do I connect my wallet to the frame?
    You will not have to connect your frame at all, NANO frames will be connected to your wallet out-of-the-box.
  • How many NFTs can I store on the frame?
    In essence, your NFTs will be streamed directly from the blockchain. We cache the media file (IPFS) of your NFT temporarily on the frame, to ensure continuous NFT experience even when your internet has an outage.
  • How do I power the frame?
    The frame is powered with a standard DC power cord, this cord will be included in your order.
  • How do I update the software of the frame?
    Updates will be sent out from NANO to all frames directly. We will ask you in the NANO app to initiate the update of your frame.
  • How do I change the wallet I want to use for my NFTs to display?
    You will be able to switch between wallets, the NANO app will instruct you how to do this. It's so easy, you will be surprised!
  • How can I get in contact with support?
    Hop on the NANO discord and look for the #support channel. You can easily create a ticket using the !create command and ask we will be right with you.


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